Black and White Inkjet Printer vs. Monochrome Laser Printer

While inkjet printers are known to always print in both monochrome and color, there is no exclusive black and white inkjet printer. However, as black and white printers, inkjets can be excellent and, in some cases, even better than laser printers. Therefore, it makes sense to compare its black and white printing capability with that of laser printers.

Inkjet vs. Laser Printer: Inkjet Side

Inkjet printers are generally multicolor printers, and there is no inkjet printer which can only print in black and white. However, these printers can also be used for black and white and grayscale printing purposes. The primary advantage of inkjets over monochrome laser printers is that they are flexible – you can use inkjets for both monochrome and colored printing purposes. This means instead of having to buy a separate monochrome and another color printer, you just have to buy one device.

Another advantage of inkjet printers is that the produced output is more detailed and can be edited to look sharper. In fact, some people consider inkjet printers relatively better in printing monochrome as compared to laser devices. However, this does not always apply for text. Laser monochromes are generally better at printing text, but in printing black and white and grayscale images, pictures, photographs, and illustrations, inkjet printers are generally considered better to use. Even if the laser printer has a higher resolution in printing black and white, inkjet printers are able to blend more colors, resulting in higher quality.

Inkjet printers are also less expensive compared to laser printers and they are more flexible. As such, inkjets are a good buy if you’re aiming to get an affordable printer that can produce high-quality monochrome images with the flexibility of producing colored ones.

Inkjet vs. Laser Printer: Laser Side

Despite their inflexibility as exclusive monochrome printing devices, laser printers are better if you are only going to use them for printing text documents. When printing text, laser printers rule supreme because of the mechanism that the devices use to print. The output produced is crisper, sharper, and finer when compared to text output produced by inkjet printers. That’s the primary reason why most businesses that only produce text documents use laser printers.

Laser printer ink is also much cheaper compared to inkjet ink when you consider consumption. When you print a monochrome image through an inkjet printer, the ink consumed is a combination of black and other colors to achieve the gray that the image requires, which is the primary reason why the images are better. However, the ink is also consumed more even if what you are printing is just grayscale. In laser printers, however, the toner and drum are the only inks you need. You can print thousands of pages before the toner runs out, while the drum can last for a very long time.

Lasers are also speedier in printing monochrome as compared to inkjets. Inkjets are particularly slow if you are printing images and pictures even if they are grayscale and can take minutes before the image is finished. But laser printers are faster even in printing images and pictures, regardless of the quality of printout.


Inkjet and laser printers are both used for monochrome and grayscale printing, and it is completely up to you if you want to use a black and white inkjet printer or monochrome laser printer for your printing activities. Just bear in mind the advantages and drawbacks that each kind of printer offers, and your final decision is sure to be a smart one.

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